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  webOS TV SDK 2.0.0 has been patched up



Because of the title validation check of appinfo.json file, only English title was available. With the patched version of webOS TV SDK 2.0.0, title validation has been removed. There is no language limitation for app title at appinfo.json file.



To use this latest version of SDK, download and use Network Installer at hereSDK Package file has not been patched. 

  webOS TV App Contest at Beijing



You may curious on our new home banner in Chinese! webOS TV App Contest is going to be held at Beijing. Come and join at webOS TV App Contest at Beijing site. 

We welcome passionate developers in China! Your participation would be much appreciated!

  CSS3 Property with webkit prefix



For CSS3 standard web APIs, some properties need webkit prefix. Visit the updated Static CSS and Dynamic CSS pages to see these changes.