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  Background color of App Icon



A guideline to set the background color of app icon has been changed. Do not set the background color of app icon transparent. For more information, refer to this Icon Format & Positioning 

  Try In-App Purchase in webOS TV App!



See Developer Guide and API of In-App Purchase to utilize In-App Purchase in your webOS TV app.
Want to check and test if your app works fine with In-App Purchase? Step-by-Step guidance is provided here

  Catch up with webOS TV 2.0 Updates



These main contents summarize the news and changes of webOS TV 2.0 HW spec and System UI.


  • For webOS TV 2015 hardware specifications, see Spec and Version.  
  • For some additions and changes in webOS TV System UI, see Overview of System UI.  
  • WebKit version of LG Browser has been updated. userAgent string has been also changed.