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  webOS TV App UX Checklist now available



With the provided UX checklist, you can check what must be followed and what is recommended before developing your app. Also, following this guidance reduces the lead time for app QA. See webOS TV UX Checklist on Design.

  webOS TV SDK 2.0.0 now available



  • Choosing SDK version and emulator versions to install with installer.
  • Faster app creation speed and support for symbolic link file in app packaging.
  • Bundle browser, Chromium, is provided for app testing and debugging.


For detailed features of webOS TV SDK, see Release Notes.

● What's New in webOS TV v2.0



webOS TV v2.0 is released on January 2015.

It is helpful to see this article which summaries about enhancements and changes made in webOS TV v2.0 compared to v1.2

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