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  Verimatrix added in Playing DRM Content



Usage guide for using Verimatrix is added in Playing DRM Content as well as in related articles such as DRM Message, LS API > DRMand mediaOption Parameter.

  App Review Posting at Blog



LG Evangelist Team has posted a webOS TV app review article. Visit blog and see what's new at LG CONTENT STORE. Find out what others are developing now and talk about what a good app is.

  Note on Billing Item Registration



ID and title of billing item have the length limitation changed. You have to consider this at API usage and App Test menu while developing and testing apps with In App Purchase feature.
Item ID : Max 30 bytes / Item Title : Max 95 bytes

- webOS TV app billing (In App Purchase Queries : productId/ prdtName)
- NetCast TV app billing (billing_purchase : prdtID /prdtName)