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● Playing multi-sound in your app


To play multi-sound in your app, we suggest you to use the following ways. Use one audio element for background music and use Web Audio API for sound effect. Also, as SoundFont is not supported in webOS TV, you should use .mp3 or .wav types for the resources in your app. For more details, see FAQ, Audio & Video, and Emulator guide.

● PVR is not supported for app packaging


The PVR image format is not used for Launcher Background Image and Splash Screen Background Image for webOS TV app anymore, because it is not compatible with webOS TV 2015 or later models. If you already have an app using PVR images submitted to Seller Lounge, you should repackage the app with PNG images and resubmit it. Find out more at Key App Assets and App Metadata (appinfo.json)

● Resolution property of appinfo.json


You can reuse your app which has FHD (1920x1080) or HD (1280x720). 

Use the resolution property of appinfo.json to develop your app well fit-in to the webOS TV.

For more information, please refer to App metadata (appinfo.json).